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We are an online-based digital consulting agency that offers marketing services for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses or anybody with a passion to brand their business and scale it. Our expertise in industry competitor research has experience working with GEICO, J.D. Power, Gartner and more. Our strategic marketing techniques derive from Harvard Business experts.

Meet Christina Lerouge, or Tina the skilled woman behind it all. Creative Cycle started as a dream and she mastered her craft of marketing and digital storytelling for over 7 years working from industries in non-profit, healthcare, construction, finance and start-ups. 

Tina was raised in South Florida in the Broward County area and she is a Marketing FIU Alumni and a Boston Northeastern University Master’s graduate in the specialty of Digital Media Management. She is certified in Product Management and specific marketing courses which spearheads Creative Cycle Consulting LLC to a bright future.

Christina is a proud ENFJ, huge foodie, adventurous, creative and loves spending time with family and loved ones. Christina’s passion is to help people’s ideas come to life and support their business to become and remain successful.


Create wildly successful customers

 by doing whatever it takes 

Deliver outstanding results

 by our quality deliverables

Continuously improve

 by understanding there’s always room to grow

Operate with transparency

 by communicating to our clients with honesty and respect

Make ourselves accountable

 by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibility


Community service is a staple to our founder’s values.

In this era of living and working remote, we partnered and contribute online to the following nonprofit organizations.

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